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Our Story

After years of rebuilding the same renewal strategy and playbook for companies, we realized companies were lacking a retention focused culture. With no visibility into individual renewal and churn rates, poor forecasting tools and metrics,  and no consistent renewal process, we set out to transform the industry to drive retention and expansion like never before!

Jim Fowler


Our Vision

To help companies build a retention focused culture by offering a platform that expands visibility into the renewals process, automates and simplifies customer engagement, and eliminates the redundancy that plagues renewals teams across the world.

Our Team
Nathan Steele



Every click matters, which is why we designed our platform to be easily implemented and simple to adopt. We have streamlined communications and document reporting to deliver Reenue's unique end user experience that will deliver unmatched transparency into the potential of your book of business. 

Josh Hagel



How we are changing renewals

Smart & Transparent

Reenue is the first tool to weave retention into the fabric of your business. We designed our tool to deliver transparency into the retention and churn associated with each sales person within your company. We also track historical contractual changes each customer has, to deliver the most accurate forecasts and pipelines for retention, churn, and expansion. 

Simple & Scaleable

Renewals are full of redundant tasks and processes that slow down your employees and limit how many renewals a single representative can handle in a business day. Reenue has mapped out and automated the redundancy of a renewal to increase productivity while maintaining a personal experience. 

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